Working in Hollywood is the best place to see a huge variety of people. I’m not that aware of many places, where you can study people who have everything and have nothing. It was a great place to draw but also some of the things you seen… can never be unseen. I been offered crack twice and ask where is the best place to squat…Burbank is quite tame haha

People of Hollywood / Burbank part1

I actually reached a thousand followers! That’s pretty awesome and thanks for viewing! I figured I should post something for the occasion.   

Earlier this year, I went to Ireland for the first time and it was a game changer for me. These paintings are based on colors and moods I was feeling, not necessarily a specific location. It was an attempt to capture how I felt at a particular moment and the color and light I observed. I decided not to do any drawings or paintings when I was there, even though I packed everything I would need. I simply wanted to observe the environment. I felt as though I was seeing a classic European painting in front of me and maybe understood their painting decisions a little more.. the next time I return, I’ll actually draw and paint something! ….maybe.    

Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking out my paintings and following!